Welcome to our wonderful world of essential oils, where nature meets purity in every drop.

Discover the magic of four unique citrus treasures, each encapsulated in a bottle of pure wellness.

From vibrant citrus to aromatic notes, each oil is carefully crafted to preserve their purity and potency.

Choose nature, embrace wellness and treat yourself to the luxury of living in harmony with our collection of essential oils.

Enter our world and be enveloped in the magic of citrus.

Our certifications

Manufacturer of essential oils for the food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries, both nationally and internationally since 1958.

DIEGO VISALLI S.r.l. Unipersonal

C.F./ P.IVA EN 02771340805

REA: RC – 189264

E-mail: info@diegovisalli.com


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+39 0965.781304

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