Love for Calabria and passion for citrus fruits

Founded in 1958 by Diego Visalli, a visionary entrepreneur, the company has passed down from generation to generation its love of the land and mastery of citrus processing.

For more than sixty years we have been cultivating our citrus groves and dedicated to the production of excellent essential oils used in the food, pharmaceutical and fragrance industries, both nationally and internationally.

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Italy is one of the top ten citrus fruit producing countries in the world and is in second place in Europe after Spain.

Its citrus industry contributes substantially to the national GDP in the agricultural sector.

The main Italian regions for citrus cultivation are Calabria and Sicily, where over 90% of the national harvest takes place.

Our bergamot, sweet orange, mandarin and lemon essential oils are the result of careful and meticulous production and processing.

Extracted from the finest citrus fruits, they have become a favorite choice in the food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries both nationally and internationally.

Our certifications

Manufacturer of essential oils for the food, pharmaceutical and perfume industries, both domestically and internationally since 1958.

DIEGO VISALLI S.r.l. Unipersonal

C.F./ P.IVA EN 02771340805

REA: RC – 189264



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